Content Creation

Content creation is at the core of all digital marketing. It’s how your defined digital voice is delivered and engaged by your target audience. Content comes in many different formats such as blog posts, videos, pictures, social media messages, infographics, slideshows and customer reviews. All of this content creates a story about who you are and leaves an impression in the mind of your target audience. It is this impression which shapes the value they place on your company. Creating a positive impression is everything and every piece of content that companies publish online need to keep this in mind. To help you learn more about content creation we have curated the most relevant articles designed to help you discover content best practices shared by different industry professionals from around the world. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on content creation or how content impacts businesses. Enjoy!

A Guide to Meaningful Content that Resonates

Oh the drama! No, I’m not talking about the latest political fight you got into on Facebook — I mean this week on Copyblogger has been all about creating dramatic, meaningful content that pulls your audience toward you. On Monday, Brian shared...

How Important is Personalisation for Content Marketing?

The digital revolution has transformed the way brands engage and communicate with their audiences. In an age where advertisements are declining and social media is rising, content marketing has become a go-to marketing strategy for brands. Content is...